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Explaining Geocaching to Muggles Business Cards

Ever had to try and explain what Geocaching is??
Whether it's to a puzzled passer buy or the local police who wonder why your loitering where you are, explaining geocaching clearly (and making it sound like fun) when put on the spot can be difficult.
Perhaps you've tried to tell a friend what Geocaching is all about, and you want to make it sound cool, but they just don't understand what you're talking about or what the appeal is.

These 'business cards' are you answer!

(finger and thumb in picture not included)
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These easy to carry around in your wallet cards (the size of your average business cards - 49 x 87 mm / 1.9 x 3.4 inches) share all the basic information to explain quickly, informatively and positively the sport of Geocaching. These cards have been produced by CleverHides.com

The front includes:

  • what geocaching is all about
  • how many their are hidden
  • how many people are taking part

The back includes:

  • what a geocache is
  • what you do with a geocache when you find one
  • the top fun reasons people geocache
  • an invitation to visit the geocache website
Never again will you look silly or like you're making something up on the spot, when confronted in 'the field'.
Carry these cards with you and you'll be converting muggles in no time!

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