Hanging/Lowering Bucket Geocache

Perhaps finding a cache suspended above you isn't the hard part, getting it can be! Maybe you need to find a long stick, or bring a ladder, but perhaps finding a way to fill the bucket will lower your prize. . .



Novice eyes:
Expert eyes:

- Setup Tips-

  • Supplying 'squirters' nearby is an idea
  • Having a small hole in the bucket to ensure speed is needed, not just accuracy multiplies the difficulty.
  • This hanger uses a retractable dog lead that lowers when the weight hits a certain level.
  • Maybe throwing balls in is another variation.

- Searching Tips-

  • Look for nearby tools that may have been hidden to help you, or that other cachers have used and left behind.
  • Play along with the intention of the cache, but if all else fails, be resourceful, just note it in you log.

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