Fairy House Geocache

This decorative hide will thrill little ones, (and the young at heart) when they stumble across the apparent house of a fairy.



Novice eyes:
Expert eyes:

- Setup Tips-

  • Provide a good back story in your listing to enhance the discovery.
  • This isn't hidden at all, so make sure it's on a location muggles wont come across easily.
  • While the log is actually hidden under a log in this image, you could find a hollow to 'door up' and hide the log inside the house - though the illusion of what's behind the door will be lost.

- Searching Tips-

  • Be gentle with it when you find it. Perhaps even perform some maintenance if required.
  • Write a log from the perspective of another fairy visiting?
This cache hide was found at playcreateexplore.com

1 comment:

Ricardo Ewington said...

Just thinking that an added bit of fun would be if you had to find the door key first either hidden at the GZ or a key that roams around other caches in the area with a tag/QR code on it.
You could also have a little "Gone Fishing" note on the door that has the link to the cache page, then accidental discoverers might find a new hobby as well.....

I know what I'll be doing for my next hide!

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