Stone in the Wall Geocache

Here's one to frustrate even experienced cachers. as fake stone, of any size, in a stone wall or near piles of stones, is a time consuming hide to find.



Novice eyes:
Expert eyes:

- Setup Tips-

  • be careful not to place this in a fragile location that will get damaged by keen geocachers.
  • also be careful not to place it in an area likely to have a rock slide or wall collapse after many cachers slowly pick away at the wall
  • try and use a stone from the area so it blends in perfectly

- Searching Tips-

  • look for stones that are of different colouring or that have disturbed surrounds.
  • try looking for marks in the ground where geocachers have been shuffling their feet while retrieving and replacing the cache.
  • be gentle with stone structures, not to cause damage to the area or cause a rock slide
  • looks for hidden caverns and other small rocks that could be moved

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