Hollowed-Out Shackle Geocache

This large 'D' shackle is attached to an old wagon in a tourist area. You can not unscrew is, as it was designed to. The trick is to illogically dig your finger nails into the other end of the bolt and unscrew it. The end of the bolt has been sawn off and hollowed out to leave a cavity for the log.



Novice eyes:
Expert eyes:

- Setup Tips-

  • Finding / attaining the large shackle is the first job.
  • Finding somewhere to put it that fits in with the surrounds is a little more challenging
  • Sawing the end off, drilling the center out and 'jamming' the other end is probably most challenging - but worth it!

- Searching Tips-

  • Once testing every screw-able item on an object was the requirement. Now you need to also test logical ends of these unscrew able items, such as with this cache. But IF you test everything, (and assume nothing), you'll find this one a breeze. Many have not however.

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