Garden Spigot / Tap / Faucet Geocache

The common garden Spigot, Tap or Faucet (depending on where you live) is an excellent geocache hide that will both baffle and delight new geocachers.
While having the log hidden up the spout will fool some, having to unscrew it will fool many who even  had the thought to inspect it at all.



Novice eyes:
Expert eyes:

- Setup Tips-

  • it could be attached to a stand alone pipe that goes into the ground or bolted to the side a structure
  • use a tap that matches the age of the surrounds to help it to blend in
  • maybe some staining or water marks or dirt splatter around it could add to the realism
  • make it look as if it's connected to a pipe for added realism

- Searching Tips-

  • always test if a tap works before you attempt to unscrew anything
  • if it doesn't unscrew relatively easily, it probably isn't a cache
  • look if the tap's condition seems too new or old to be where it is
  • look for signs of it having either 'never been unscrewed' or 'regularly unscrewed' 
  • if you can see the tap is not connected to a pipe, that's a good give away
  • There's a few places it could be - so if you've determined it doesn't work, check it fully. It could be up the 'spout', the handle could unscrew or the whole tap could unscrew.

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