Flip-out Boardwalk Rail Geocache

This one you'd never find visually. It requires stumbling across the right loose bolt before it can be found. Though a bit of effort is required, this is a pleasing cache for anyone to discover.



Novice eyes:
Expert eyes:

- Setup Tips-

  • finding a location with the right make up of components is the first challenge
  • unbolting and taking home a section to hollow, out without being seen, is the next challenge
  • A nice touch is having a fake nut and bolt end sticking out the bottom of the original hole. Those who test only the logical unscrew-able ends might miss testing the illogical top end of the bolt

- Searching Tips-

  • if there's nuts and bolts around GZ, it always pays to test each one with a twist and a tug - and test BOTH ends
  • Even though a cache may be listed as larger than a nano, you may be looking for something small that 'triggers' the location of the cache

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