Fake Post / Pole / Pylon Geocache

A fake post on its own at GZ may not fool too many people, but if there are many other identical posts near by, and other more probable places to search, then a few will be fooled with this clever geocache hide.



Novice eyes:
Expert eyes:

- Setup Tips-

  • if you can, use a fake post near other real posts so it doesn't stand out.
  • the fake cement lip at ground level is a nice touch of realism, but can crumble.
  • plastic plumbing pipes are used on both the post and in the ground to form the holding mechanism and hollow for the container
  • a somewhat secluded location is best for this hide so unseen watching muggles don't think the cachers are damaging public property

- Searching Tips-

  • when you test a post with a gentle pull and it doesn't move uncharacteristically, don't force it any further. Most real posts can become wobbly if pushed and pulled enough, and as each caches has a try, eventually the post does come out and the problem gets worse.
  • keep an eye out for broken cement chips around the base that shows the post has had some unusual wear and tear.

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