Fake Magnetic Nut and Bolt Geocache

This is now a classic little cache container that is widely available for purchase. While still clever, is becoming increasingly common. A thrill to find the first time, this hide starts to really 'stick out' after a few encounters. Still, muggles will steer clear of it in a popular public place, so they still have plenty of usefulness. It comprises of a hollowed out bolt thread that has a nut, with magnet, that screws on the end.



Novice eyes:
Expert eyes:

- Setup Tips-

  • try to match the surrounds with a shiny bolt or rusted bolt
  • placed with many other matching bolts gives the chance that cachers may miss your bolt
  • useful for hi muggle areas that have few hiding  locations - like in town

- Searching Tips-

  • test every nut and bolt you come across at GZ, especially if it's a micro cache listing

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