Fake Bolt and Washer Geocache

A slight variation to the traditional hollowed out fake magnetic nut and bolt is a bolt that has something attached to it which is concealed by the bolt. A hide invisible to muggles but not too hard for seasoned cachers.



Novice eyes:
Expert eyes:

- Setup Tips-

  • having a bolt that matches other bolts in the area increases the 'invisability' of this hide
  • you may find a hole that suites in the structure you want to hide your cache in, otherwise you may need to drill a hole. As always, NEVER drill a hole that will cause damage or compromise structural strength in public property. Actually, you probably shouldn't drill to begin with - but I can't stop you, can I! 
  • you have opportunity to attach any container (hopefully waterproof) that will fit down the hole which is covered by the bolt and washer

- Searching Tips-

  • as always, test every nut and bolt at GZ and you'll find this type of hide without too much difficulty

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